I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted to use non stock liquid cooling on a PowerMac G5 dual core/dual processor setup. Or even better yet tried to use TEC/Phase Change cooling on them. I know even with the stock liquid cooling I struggle to keep my temperature low, and was pondering the idea of some extreme cooling modifications to my G5, not enough courage to tear into my Mac Pro yet.

I know this is only my first post in this forum, and I am fairly new to Macs so I am open to all critcism. I have successfully built a triple cascade phase change system for my old PC, and won several awards for case/cooling modifications. I don't belive this type of modification is out of the question. I recently got my hands on some dead dual 2.5's and checked out the water blocks used. Nothing to hard to machine on a CnC, and then possibly braze them for a phase change block.

Basically I was just wondering if anyone has attempted this. I'm looking for a project this summer and have two brand new G5 cases arriving next week, but with college starting in a week and a half I won't have time or money to work on them. I have some plans drawn up if anyone is interested in how I'm thinking about doing this, so feel free to ask questions and let me know what you think.