I was upgrading my ibook clamshell with some parts from my dad's old Inspiron and just decided to rip into the Dell PoC (peice of crap). I was able to salvage a bit of RAM, a 30 gig HD, and two small, attached fans. I then proceeded to realize that I had no use for my modem since my house uses wireless DSL and I was going to hack in a wireless card. I ended up coughing up the dough for an Airport card so I have some extra space in my clammy. I did a test fit and the fans fit perfectly over both the processor and the video card. Both fans are DC 5V, 0.6W. They both have 3 wires, a red, a black, and a yellow that terminate into a 3 pin connector. Is there anyway to splice these into by iBook? Where/how should I wire them? How should they be placed for the best airflow?

P.S. I also removed the telephone port on the side, so there is a small hole on the side of the laptop, along with the ventilation slits near the hinge.