right now its running at 46.9c

plus the ocz silver thermal paste (re-branded arctic silver) I used is said to work even better after 100-200 uptime hours.  I guess it just bonds better after a week of use..

my temps keep getting slightly lower.  i'd say about .1 lower every couple hours.  many claim to get an 8-12c drop after a full week.  I tried booting without the 2 new fans on just to see how well my paste was working so far and my temp was about 52.3.  so down about 4 from paste alone.  plus since many say they get at least an 8c drop in total once its properly bonded I may have another 4c+ drop to look forward to.  its amazing what simply using quality paste can do. 

the hard drive fan blows 32 CFM of air directly on the heatsink at 3200rpm so that helps a lot also.  the fan on the back is only a 2000rpm and blows 22 CFM but the air it blows out feels quite warm so its doing its job.  both are very quiet.

this is just more proof of how just a bit of cash and some good old fashioned resourcefulness can get a lot done.

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