Some of you already know that I recently bought a dual 867 MDD.  When I first got it the temps were really high on the cpu board (around 58c)  The tower was pretty dusty inside so I gave everything a good blow with a can of air and also cleaned the 120mm system fan blades.  doing this along with using some new thermal paste brought the cpu board down to 55-56c.  I wanted below 50!@#

Today, after spending 13 bucks at my local computer shop on a HD cooler fan (80x80x15 fan), an 80mm fan to mount on the back and suck hot air out and a tube of much better thermal paste.  the stuff I used before was 25% silver and the new stuff is 99%.  the MDD is already so loud that I can't even hear the 2 new fans.  I put the hard drive fan right in front of the HD by the heatsink and turned the fan around to blow at the heatsink instead of the HD.

Temp on the cpu board now....  49.4c and stable there!@#  not bad for 13 bucks and a very small amount of effort.  most of all when you consider this thing ran as high as 59c when I first got it.

I am currently waiting for a pci slot fan I bought on ebay to arrive also.  I hope that will get me down to the mid 40's!!!

here are some pics:   

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