thanks for your suggestions!  my rubber-feet-in-the-case fix worked, but about 3 days before christmas my video went back to it's old habbit of freezing and crackling.  I wasn't very happy.  BUT, after leaving it off for a couple days, it worked again.  pretty much it works when it wants too...but the last two times i've fired it up, everything runs perfectly.

I'm going to fire it up tomorrow and let it run for a bit.  I have a suspicion that some of the adhesive on the rubber feet isn't sticky, and so the pressure isn't being applied. (at least i hope that's the case).  Perhaps when it's on for a long time, the heat from the processor is enough to render the feet-fix obsoslete.  I'll probably take it apart on soon, and replace the feet with some high grade popsicle sticks and/or a metal shim of some kind. 

again, thanks for the suggestions, I especially appreciated the tealight +alcohol soldering job :)  if nothing else, at least it looks like fun!