Hi all.  I recently bought a G4 MDD dual 867 and I LOVE it.

I am having just one issue with it though..    A couple hours after I got it I ran the Apple Hardware Test on it and it found an issue with 1 of the 3x256 memory sticks.  It simply said that it failed the test.  The 2 hours before I used the hardware test I was running Tiger with no issues at all..  No kernel panics at all and none ever with it.  I thought that was a sure sign of bad hardware?  Is the ram ok or not?  Can

Anyway..  now and then the system just locks up on me.  If I am playing music or a podcast when it happens it sounds like a record skipping over a 1 second part of a song over and over till I do a hard boot.  Everything locks when it happens.  The lock ups are too varied and different to easily trouble shoot the issue..

Other times it has happened was when I opened a video podcast in itunes and twice when I was using Google Earth.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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