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I wonder what the smallest enclosed airspace Apple would want a MBP to be run in without it overheating.  Given that I am planning on making a metal enclosure that is 16"x11"x2", there is much more air in the unit to transfer the heat out of the heat sinks, and transfer it into the enclosure.

I think it's more like how long until it overheats... maybe a mechanical fuction with valves and fans... the valves open, when temps reach a max, and vent all the air (one in, one out).  Combined with a moisture sensor that can override this from happening... and a "rain setting" that  gives you some warning beeps when its getting too hot.
Just brainstorming ideas....
Oh, another thing that you've probably already thought of is expansion and contraction issues.  I could forsee the computer running for a while and getting hot, and then being dropped into a pool of  cold water.  The seals may give due to the different rates of contraction, and all that work lost!
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