So, I'm thinking of building several (14+) 17" ruggedized MBP tablets.

Here are the requirements that I will have:

- Waterproof (3 feet submerged)
- Shockproof (10 foot drop onto concrete)
- Shockproof (Hardened Screen able to be jumped on by adult)
- Sunken quarter turn latch covers over ports and battery for easy access using a tool, but impossible access without, even with a pry bar.  The port covers themselves will need to be sunken as well as the latches.
- Functional Speakers
- Functional Camera
- Functional Wireless
- Functional touchscreen (not a problem)

Here are the thoughts that I've had.
- I'm planning on using stainless steel for the case itself, because of the strength.  I will then coat it in a hard rubber shell for some shock protection, and gripability.
- Waterproofing means sealing the case, so I will need to cool it without fans.
- I'm hoping to do this in 1.5 - 2" thick, 16" wide, 11" long.
- I would like to put two buttons on the side so as to externally access the zoom feature of Mac OS.  These buttons should not be able to be pried out. (maybe using the light sensors behind holes with plastic?)

I realize that most people may not have experience with this heavy of a mod, but I am looking for brainstorming regarding the heat dissipation and other issues that people may perceive.  Please also note that I am serious about this, and have a budget to do this in, so it is not a problem to replace units.  I will also have a professional fabricator do the steel work once I have my design in hand.

I cannot give any other details about the final use of them until after they have been built, then I will be happy to show pictures, and it will be apparent as to why I have my above requirements.