hey i want to start my 1st mod , so its my 18th bday on sunday and my iMac G5 is back soon from logicboard repairs , i want to start my new mod soon since i have money for my bday ,

i was thinking of tryin to make my own portable ether out of a old mac mini or a g4 cube , but there loads of  questions to ask

1. would it be possible to do ?

2. how hard?

3. if that isn't possible or to hard has any one got any ideas that might be easyier to start me off?

i 1st thought of geting an old computer and just upgrading itand fiting it in to a new case or whatever but the point is that i would have nothing to do with it after coz most of my work and tasks are well done on my iMac and i ain' really keen on modding my iMac lol

anyway sorry for going on just i am keen for starting a project on the side of my college and work ?

any help i am greatful of

thanks for your time