I was givein two xboxes. one was completly dead and one had a broken DVD drive tray and I swaped out the DVD and then tossed out what was left of the dead xbox. I did the softmod for a while but got pissed off when it would crash so I bought the X3cuter mod chip and the sodierless connector. I bought a 120GB westerndigital HD with a 8MB cashe and used a extra ATA100/133 ribbon cable backwards. Then later added another 120GB drive as a external (not shown in picture) and modiflyed the cable to ad a 3rd device that connects in the back of the xbox. and used a extra AT power supply to power the drive. This way I can dual boot from evox and linux with out the headacke. Last thing I did to it was my fiancee bought me a clear neon orange case that covers the front, top and DVD tray. As for that is't pretty much a over killed modded xbox.
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