Has anyone ever tried this on a Mac at all?  I remember a technique used in Scale Auto Enthusiast (for model cars).  The recommended that you paint areas of the body in the color that the pinstriping will be, working from back to front.  From there you paint the whole body what color you want.  Then you take an exacto knife and carefully cut out the design you want.  I haven't tried this myself only because I'm not into lowriders.

I'm having similar thoughts for my other G4 though.  What I was considering was painting the inside of the case red and orange in some areas, offset and bent lines.  From there I would paint the rest of it black including painting over the red and orange areas.  This would give it an appearance of a volcanic rock formation that's somewhat fresh.  I'm not into lighting up the insides but if I left some areas of the case sides clear I could have a red light and make it looks like lava glow inside.  Would the first technique of painting lines red and orange work, or is it better to just make masks in the shape of small bent lines, then paint it black, then red and orange in areas?  All help is appreciated.
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