Here is my very first mod on the G4.  I stripped it bare and painted everything except the clear handles.  It took me a while to remove the silver paint from the sides but some metal bristle brushes and my drill helped.  I used Easy Off oven cleaner but it probably didn't help as much as alcohol might have.  I'll definitely use alcohol next time as I had a hard time getting the silver paint from the corners and edges, as you may be able to see.  I made the mistake of painting the front of the CD drawer part and the panel in front of the hard drive below the CD.  I actually did that first and painted the back of the front panel afterwards and liked that result better.  That's why the gloss gets dull as you start from the bottom and go to the top of the case.  I need to buff the outside side panels though.  It's a basic paint mod, but not bad for a computer I only paid $25 for, plus the 15" Apple LCD monitor was another $25, and the Motorola 802.11g card was $10 new on ebay!

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