My friend's iMac G4's logic board just died, and he decided to upgrade instead of repair. He gave it to me, and rather than parting it out, I'd like to try to do my first mod.
Currently, my idea is to bypass the motherboard to the display, convert power so the display can use it, get a small chip of some sort to output a signal to have all the pixels be white. Then, either get a small piece of acrylic, or a piece of frosted lighting gel, and put it in front of the display; creating the most awesome backlit white-board to-do list ever.

Maybe a switch for having sound activation of the display, utilizing the existing mic or line in?
Or a dimmer to change the pixels from black to white?
I've talked another friend who's a computer/electrical engineering PHD guy and he's cool with helping out.

What do you think?
Is this even feasible?
Any suggestions or resources that might help?
(A pin-out out the connector would be much appreciated)