Well I have found the perfect case for my iMac. My monther had a DVD player that died on her. It's a cheapo Coby DVD player. The player is basicly a micro PC. I opened it up and noticed it used a desktop like DVD drive and a small motherboard and powersupply. I looked hard about the power supply but sadly it doesn't have 3.3v, just 5v and 12v. I found a small ATX power supply that fits perfectly into the case. I had to remove the metal shell of the power supply though. I'm planing to build two walls in it to go around the power supply so heat doesn't swamp the case. Also a bit of rewireing is involved. All whats left is installing the iMac logicboard, DVD and HD. Since im using a laptop based DVD drive and HD this will be easy. Sadly the little LED on the front of the DVD case will not be used. I can always add a HD actvity LED in it's place. Also just now thinking of it I need to do something about the buttons on the front. I already taped into the power button. The rest will be useless. I could always use some fiberglass and take out the buttons and then sand and paint it.
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