I will be using a yikes G4 400 zif in a B&W G3. it comes with the larger yikes heatsink. what I am wondering is if this heatsink will clip onto a B&W. I have a rev. 2 B&W so I at least have the taller version but the yikes heatsink is larger still..  the thing is that the B&W uses 1 clip and the larger yikes heatsink uses 4.  I am including a pic from an owc guide.  the B&W and yikes mobo's are virtually identical so it may work.  I don't want to put it on at all if it won't fit right and fry the cpu on me.  I notice in the pic that the larger heatsink doesn't use the center clip mount on the side of the zif socket body like both the rev. 1 and 2 B&W heatsinks do.  the 4 clips seem to mount on the bottom from how it looks in this pick.

I don't have the zif and heatsink yet but I want to be prepared.

I plan to overclock it to 450 so a larger heatsink will be better.

please share any thoughts

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