I recently bought an apple G4 400mhz zif on ebay.  it was pulled out of a yikes G4 and I will be installing it in my B&W.

what i'm not 100% sure about is if the sonnet patch will work on non sonnet zifs.  i'm sure it would work fine as it just a simple firmware patch to allow a B&W to use a G4.

I really want to use the sonnet firmware as its the only one that can be removed.  you never know..  when I upgraded my other B&W to a sonnet G4 500 I later tried the old G3 zif and it didn't start.  if this G4 zif ever blows up on me I want to be able to use the old G3 400 again so it would be nice to remove the G4 patch.

any thoughts would be great.
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