well with all the accessories that came with my ipod photo.  i personaly would think it worth $300 or more. but i don't think people will want to pay that much for it. when for 50 bucks more they could get an 80 gig video.

i mean i would sell it with the cables, (a/v, fw, and usb) wired remote, fw wall charger, dock w/ s-video output, earphones (new), case, a fw car charger, and probably even a griffin airclick uhf remote. It even has a year left on it's apple care warranty too. Just checked ebay and it looks like the photo is only going for about 200 dollars.  frown

It would also be some what of a downgrade getting the ipod video. since i have all my music on my G4 Cube. which doesn't have usb2, and the ipod photo still uses firewire.

still unsure.


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