Okay here's my problem; i have too many!!! confused

I already had a 40 gig ipod photo, then just last week i got a silver 2 gig nano from a Key Bank promo. Now i found out that my new job is giving me a 2 gig nano. So some advice is needed on what to do.

i was thinking i could sell both the slightly used one and the new one and buy an 8 gig black nano. uber cool.

or keep the open one and sell the new one and my 40gig ipod photo and buy a new 80 gig video. (the selling point of the ipod photo would be all the neat acessories. but i'm afraid i won't get out of it what it is worth.)

so yeah any other options. (besides giving all of them away for free to members of macmod. or anybody else for that matter. :P)

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