I'm trying to slim down my cluster server with the two sawtooth logicboards. I droped the water cooling idea due to leaks and pump issues. So since i've done that I can drop down on the power supply wattage that the system needs. Right now I'm using two 350watt ATX power supplys that have been re-pined for the sawtooth logicboards. I want to drop one and splice into one to power the two logicboards, two hard drives and a DVD+RW. Heres the specs of the power supply.

ATX 2.03 (p4) 350watt
+3.3V - 20Amps
+5V - 30Amps
+12V - 12Amps
+5VSB - 2Amps
-5V - 0.5Amps
-12V - 0.8Amps

I think it will work but it will be border lining the max.
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