I'm just going to go with the clump of solder where a resistor should be method, shoot for 167/1000 (1002, technically)... tommorow! If that doesn't let me go back to my days of 2GB of RAM, then it's back to 133/867 for me. Although... Maybe 133/933 would be an option. I don't remember if I posted it here on MacMod that I think the only reason they made a Dual 867 was so that it'd be higher than a Dual 800, but far enough from the Dual 1000 to make the DP1GHz model a viable choice. Or I don't know what the hell I'm talking about (because I don't... Yay!). Hahaha.
DP 1.08GHz PMG4 MDD, 1GB PC2700 DDR, 200GB ATA (16MB, 7200RPM), Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB)