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PCI slot fans will help an yes they can be noisy.  They also dont last very long as many of them are cheaply made.  Stick with a quality brand and you should be fine.  You can always use a fan controller for it too.

MDD cases are just a restrictive design.  Apple did some great engineering that most people never even talk about.  Fact is though, it just runs too hot.  Mine (Killer Bee mod) is in a Lian-li case with all hi end fans with a controller and runs at 100% cpu use day in and day out (always folding 2 proteins for Folding@home).  It never goes above 45 C.  Right now its at 42.8 C.  A bigger case is the way to go if you want to quiet it and cool it down.  Plus its fun to do.

By the way, everyone learns sometime and I have made some bad cuts myself.  Post your pics and we can help you with what you are doing! shocked

42.8???  DAMN!  my MDD never goes below 56C

think I can at least get low 50's with a pci fan?
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