Does anyone know what material the MDD/FW800's optical drive chasis is made from? I want to cut mine apart so that it only fits one drive (in the lower portion) so that I can a) provide room for an aftermarket cooling unit for my Radeon 9800 Pro, and b) remove the upper door and throw a big fan behind it to blow a bunch of air across the mid-to-upper region of the case, not to mention across the front of the 9800.

How important is the chasis' design in terms of shielding? Does that sliding pannel on the back of it have to be there?

Ideally, the chasis would still have a top/roof rather than just being a bottom and two sides. So, depending on the material it's made from it'd either have to be welded back on or maybe soldered on with a strong enough soldering iron.

Oh, and another ideal situation is to leave enough of the front of it in tact to keep both mounting holes in use.

If I had time I'd throw together a 3D rendition of it.
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