Hey there guys.

I just installed ATIccelerator on my Smurf and have
boosted the GPU up 8,99% on both fronts, and was
wondering what would be the best way to test the
effect of these modifications, since Xbench doesn't
really show any improvements (and it doesn't state
GPU testing on the website :o).

PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0Ghz, 1536Mb RAM, 160Gb HD, 23" Studio Display
iMac 333Mhz, 160Mb RAM, 6Gb HD
PowerMac 8500 120Mhz, 80Mb RAM, 2Gb HD, 17" AppleVision Display
Mac IIsi 20Mhz, 16Mb RAM, 200Mb HD, 15" Sony Trinitron Display
3G iPod 40Gb
512Mb iPod Shuffle