::) Now understand, This is my opinion.
I have been messing around inside personal computers and Macs, as long as there have been personal computers and Macs. Or sometime in the '70s anyway. I take normal static precautions, such as touching the frame of the case befor I remove any componant. And storing my parts in those shiny anti-static bags. But I have never had an anti-static strap on my wrist.... ever.  And I have never "zapped" anything.  My openion again: if you touch the case frame, and don't go walking around on carpet, you will be at the same potential (electricaly) as the case and componants. And therfore you will not discharge any static to zap anything.

That said, If you normaly use a wrist strap keep using it!  I don't want to hear from someone who lives in Qubec, in a house full of shag carpet, in December say" anil8tor said not to use a wrist strap, and I killed my mac" frown

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