Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I know it's a great machine in many ways. I have a lot of work in OS9, so I like the fact that it's the fastest OS9 bootable mac ever made. I mean, in theory it's all stuff that can be moved to OSX, but still.  And expansion. My last computer was a 667 powerbook, and I got tired of always hooking up firewire drives, plus I would like to be able to use some pci devices.

Anyway, I noticed that on your Killer Bee mod you kept the stock psu (with replacement fans). Why not replace it? There are lots of silent psu's out there. Is it too much of a pain?

This conversion uses a pc psu, but he doesn't explain how he wired it, only that it is "custom".

As for a MacPro, I don't have that kind of dough!