well to try and answer a few questions. 333mhz isn't really that fast, i have a 333mhz G3 iMac, 333mhz G3 biege PowerMac, and 350mhz G3 Blue and White PowerMac. Each one has a differnet configuration. Course i guess i'm used to my QUAD, but others might agree, not so fast anymore.

The iMac uses PC100/133 notebook ram.

the imac i have can run OSX 10.3 panther. which seems to run alright with 256MB ram and a 30gig Hdd.

as far as price goes.. i think i was lucky i picked mine up at a thrift store for 15bucks so i'll let some one else answer that one. you could always check ebay. and there might be better machines on ebay aswell. i would take a rev b Blue and White over an imac. and i think they are going pretty cheap on ebay now adays. just find out if it's a rev B first.

anything i missed?


Oh yeah and welcome to Macmod. Most of us don't bite. and if we do we have had all our shots. smile

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