This mod reminds me on a few PC mods I did in the past with a CF card. Most CF cards are faster then HDs. They move as fast as the controller can let it. Unless you're running a system with ATA100 and the drive is also ATA100 then there wouldn't be a diffrents.

You can fit on a small copy of OSx onto a 2GB partition. I had my iBook running with it but it crashed after installing a few programs that screwed up the startup. Beleve it or not half of the stuff in OSx you don't really need. Just run the delocalizer program and remove a lot of programs you don't need. After that you can remove a lot of files that Apple tossed in that depend on UNIX software that isn't in use. Also you can remove alot of Frameworks, PrivateFrameworks and Services. Also you can remove a few things from /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /etc, /usr/etc. I wish I still had the kill list I made for files you didn't need for OSx.

Thing is this makes OSx so bare it would be like one of thoses Linux Live CDs.
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