Hey There Gang,

While I agree that a 4GB card would be optimum there results a problem the we economist use often "sunk costs", meaning that 4GB cards are expensive and frying another one would cost me almost as much as I purchased the G3 iBook for.

As it stand currently I have a really realy stripped down version that seems to still boot (I havent thrown away to many files I guess) that weighs in around 1.65GB which even with formating should fit on that card, as far as a swap file or virtual memory that will have to come later.

Given the nature of Flash memory in its current state I did have some questions that maybe you guys could answer:

    1.) If there a way to set the write disk diffent than the boot disk? Maybe if I got a microdrive i could use that for the swap files, and just boot from the CF, I mean thats how the Linux Crowd seems to do it I Guess?

    2.) I don't remeber my other question now????
Well Soon as I get the seconf CF I will let you know.


If you all wanna help out with purchase of a new card let me know
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