¡Great Suffering Friends!  frown

It looks like in all my illustrious wisdon I hsed my new 4gb CF card.

So others might benifit from my mistake and not propagate it I have to sugestions:

1.) Make sure the adapter you muy is a MALE one as opposed to Female
2.) You cannot plug the Female on directly into the boad even though it fits, tis possibly caused its failure, it could also be trying to write the OS to the card and formatting it may times.

So a new adapter is on the way and I need to find cheaper smaller cards. frown

Any suggestions for creating a .dmg of OS X besides disk utility, it was being very grumpy when I had tried that.
iBook G3 OS X 10.4.8 / Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.0
Mac Mini Intel Core Solo 1.5 GHz OS X 10.4.8 / Vista RC1 (testing)
Coming Soon: Mac Mini G4 1.42 OS X Server 10.4.8