Hey, everyone. My modded MDD continues to give me problems. I tried different RAM (just one 512MB PC2700 stick), a different ribbon cable for the HDD (which is back on the ATA100 bus), removing the extra fans, and checking to make sure all hardware was securely attached.

I can get the system to boot no problem, but once I start doing anything, including doing nothing, it just freezes up. I get a spinning beach ball that never goes away.

Noting that Temperature Monitor never seems to show my CPUs even getting to 50C, I doubt it's a heat issue. I did notice that the power supply was not entirely, 100% connected to the mobo, so I made sure it was clicked into place. I took out the case speaker as it's pretty useless.

The only things I can think at this point are any one or combination of the following:
1. In removing the two resistors to bring the bus speed from 133MHz to 167MHz, something else got damaged, such as another resistor.
2. Building off of #1, the two resistors aren't truly removed, even though I held one in my hand after taking it off. The other either got lost or was destroyed by the soldering iron. Either way, my dad I made sure the spot it was on was clean enough to truly bypass whatever was left. Or did we?!  ::)
3. The processors are not stable at 1.08GHz. This would require down-clocking them back to 867MHz, which would probably require buying resistors (I need to check XLR8YourMac for the article with the different configs).
4. The processors need more voltage at 1.08GHz. Maybe?
5. I need to reinstall OS X. (I backed up the system already, but have since made a change or to, and I'd be slightly sad to lose the beta versions of Temperature Monitor I've been getting.) This would be possinble, assuming the system can stay running enough to do it. Booting off of a CD seems to work A-OK, though I haven't left it running for extended periods of time. I tried to reinstall OS X off of a 10.4.3 DVD that I know works, but it failed. It never even started the reinstall because the hard drive was exactly as it was before the failure. Fun fact: Running Disk Utility after it told me to Restart and try again got me the Spinning Beach Ball of Death, which eventually went away to reveal an inability to restart. The DVD would spin up for a while, spin down and sit for a bit, then spin up again. I eventually just held down the power button.
6. Oh, and there's the whole 80mm fan having a higher amp usage?/rating? than the one that was already in the case, which is why it's not hooked up to the mobo but is instead on one of the 12V leads

I'd have something to say about the sleep capabilities of the system if I had anything positive to say about the rest of the system.

On the bright side, both the iMac (now an MDD) and the Modded MDD are backed up and the un-modded MDD runs great.

So, I think the modded MDD's PSU has a total output of 360W (what an odd number), while the unmodded MDD's PSU has a total output (for sure, since it's not all in Chinese) of 400W.

If I didn't already say it, the system is pretty damn quiet without the extra two fans. The loudest component is the hard drive when it's reading/writing.

I have yet to report my problems to other sites, like the Apple discussion center.

The fan controllr I bought fits in the 5.25" chasis, but does not fit in the case. D'oh! I can either massacre my case to make it fit, massacre the controller, or massacre the chasis (which is, in my mind, the best option). That, or I can eat the $13 (it'd be fun to keep the thing because of what it does) and buy a 3.5" bay controller and mount it on a 3.5"->5.25" adapter. At least that it'd probably not stick so far out the front of the optical drive chasis that the chasis itself won't fit.  frown

OK... If anyone has any adivce, I GREATLY appreciate it to no end. Thanks in advance.

DP 1.08GHz PMG4 MDD, 1GB PC2700 DDR, 200GB ATA (16MB, 7200RPM), Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB)