hi i am here to ask if its worth me geting a slave computer , see the problem is that sometimes when i do video editing or encode movies it takes a long time for my computer complete the task  and i want to use it but can't because of the cpu useage on my imac g5 so is it worth me geting a computer and making that do all my rendering and video encoding work or can't u make another computer do the tasks?

say if i wanted to render the finished film in final cut pro 4.5 and i just saved the project would i be able to open the same file on say something like a g3 imac or powermac and have that do my rendering so i can continue to suft the internet and chat to my mates and listen to music on my imac g5 ?>

or would it take forever for the g3 to render it? or encode it?

say if the project was 20 mins long?

sorry if the question ain't clearist but its best way i could explain?

thanks for ur time