5) Mac Mini's HH LED modified

Solder the new 1206 SMT LED to your new landing pads; over the existing hole.

If using a ~2.2V LED; solder your 56ohm 604 smt resistor to the cut trace.

6) Mac Mini's HH LED reinstalled

Reattach the black foam spacer over the new LED - allowing the LED to shine through the hole in the foam.

Reinstall the LED board into it's housing.
Make sure to align the LED to the hole in the black tape.

Gently manuver the LED boards wire out the original hole.

Reassemble the black tape around the modified HH LED board.

7) Reverse your disassembly; returning the mac mini back to it's assembled form. Take care to reassemble everything.

Here's the final look; complete with an Orange power LED which will match nicely with the G35's orange iluminated dash.

See my thread at AustinModders.com for more hardware hacks on this mac mini... plans include (if sucessful) a Hard Drive activity LED, a electric cd eject button, and a CDROM access LED.