Excerpt from my MacMini Modding project for my G35 Sedan at AustinModders.com:

The stock Intel Mac Mini has a white Power LED. Because I want the mac mini to look "stock" and right at home in my G35's dash; I'm going to spell out the details on how to mod your mac mini's stock LED color.

After many google search attempts; I have not seen anyone publish a tutorial on how to change the color of the LED in your mini. I hope the Mini Modder's enjoy this how-to.

Please keep in mind that you take all responsibility for implementing the LED mod on your Mac Mini. It will void your warranty so keep this in mind BEFORE attempting this mod. Neither Zittware nor AustinModders is liable for voiding your warranty.

First you need to dissemble your mac mini to get access to the white LED.
I did this by following two tutorials:

First being the disassembly video @ Smash's world. I elected to use the putty knife method instead of the wire method. The putty knife seemed like less effort despite the risk of scratching the mini's body. I used a Warner 1/2" Flex putty knife purchased from lowes. It had the thinest profile of all putty knifes at Lowes.

Once I had the top cover off my mini; I began carefully disassembling the mini using applefritter.com's step-by-step guide.
I stopped before removing the ram or the hard drive.

You need to remove the black tray assembly containing the cdrom and HD; but do not need to remove the CPU or Ram from the motherboard.