Hi All,
I got a Vacuum Flourescent display (VFD) for a Basic Stamp microcontroller. It's working fine with the microcontroller, but I'm experimenting with sending commands to it directly through my mac usb port. (Instead of using the microcontroller.)

So far:

1) I have power to the VFD using a carrier board and battery.
2) I'm using a keyspan usb-to-serial converter (and the associated driver)
3) I'm connecting pin #3 on the serial adapter to the serial input pin on the VFD

I want to test my connection using a terminal program such as ZTerm, QuickTerm or even the command line's "stty". But I'm stuck on the following point:

The VFD needs to be sent certain commands in order to be "powered up" and for things like carriage returns and clearscreen etc. In Basic Stamp microcontroller world, those commands look like  this:

SEROUT VFD, Baud [ $1F, $28, $77, $10, $01 ]

and text would be sent to the VFD like this:

SEROUT VFD, Baud [ "Hello, World!" ]

So my question is: how do I write those same commands using something like Quickterm, ZTerm or STTY?

I know this stuff is pretty obscure, but hopefully someone out there has done this before?