Oh... Silly me. Fans require a 12V DC connection... So... Wait... How, then, is it OK to split the 12V lead to do two parts/components that each require 12V? Do they not really?

Oh, and by the way, almost all my parts are here, so I'll be doing my mods (all internal work) soon. One thing to note right away, which I'll go into when I write my mod article, is that the MDD's optical drive fan mounted to the door is not a normal fan. The mounting holes are bored out slightly larger than a normal fans'. I haven't checked to see if the main fan is also this way. Shouldn't be too hard to change, though, with the right tools (and I have or have access to plenty of tools).

My only concern is the size of my soldering iron. I might have to drop by Radioshack or somewhere and pick up a finer one. Anyway... Carry on!

War: I'm only going to have 1 optical drive, 1 HDD, a Radeon 9800 Pro, the RAM, and an AirPort card. Eventually I may add both a PCI-slot fan and a USB 2.0 port card (PCI, obviously). I'm going with 4 extra fans for starters. When I can come up with a fun way to mount a couple into the HDD chasis, I'll add a couple more.
DP 1.08GHz PMG4 MDD, 1GB PC2700 DDR, 200GB ATA (16MB, 7200RPM), Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB)