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Is it also possible to put in a QS/MDD CPU and a GeForce 6600GT and any random TV tuner on the mobo? I just want to know because I want to mod it to match my green & white iSkinned iPod that will display TV, give me the resources to make and edit films and to play music off the hard drive and my iPod if anyone wanted to know why I'm asking these questions.

CPU - I have heard of people using quicksilver 733mhz cpu's in DA's but not MDD cpu's.

TV Tuner - You need a mac specific Tv tuner if you want pci.  if you add a usb 2 pci card (and with these you can use the most generic and they will work fine) you will have more choices with external tuners.

Video card - any mac specific agp video card will work in the DA's 4x slot.
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