i have a imac g4 20 ich 1.25 model and love it the screen is perfect and it is just a great computer.

i also have a intel mac mini that i upgraded to a 2.16 GHz corduo and it is so much fasster(dah)
anyway i was thinking is there any way to maybe remove the procesore and logic board of the imac g4 ans hook the mac mini into it (with minimal exsterior mods. so i was thinking buy a new desktop hard disk (can somone tell me what type of disk the mini uses.) remove the slotloading tray and the minis built in hard disk. place the logic board into the imac and conect the imacs disk drive into (or replace the imacs disk drive if its no compatable with the mini) the only things that i am unsure about is is there a way to hook the screen of the imac into the mini and how do i set up the ports
ans in general is it possible and what i need to buy.

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