Hey, I recently got a 60gb iPod photo with a cracked screen from my friend.  Everything else worked fine.  I already had a b&w 20gb iPod 4G, so I had anticipated that I could swap some things and it would work out all fine.  So, I did indeed switch everything I needed (I put the HD and battery on the old iPod, and used the audio/hold switch module in the 60gb metal backing, you will see in the pics below).  But, I am having a problem.  When the iPod is on, it is stuck on Hold, and even if I switch the hold off, it is still like that, and the only way to fix it is pulling out the battery plug to turn it off.  What do you think could be the problem?  Is there something wrong with the controller, or something else?  Would restoring it again help?  Thanks.

Here are the pictures, by the way:  http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j310/iProd2/iPodPhoto/