The tubbing is what they use for making coils.

A car radiator is too big. But a car automatic transmission cooler would be perfect, they come in diffrent sizes and such. But they cost too much. I made a budget for this mod. No more then 150 bucks in the build. Pretty much enough to build the water cooler and the case.

I tested out the radiator I built and it works better then the one I bought for my PC. I ran Counter-Strike: Source for two hours with the old radiator and the top temp was 98.4*F while the home made radiator got 82.2*F with two hours of playing the same game.

The harddrive cooler mod doesn't work. Although I have a idea for a passive cooling idea for the Harddrive.

The best coolent setup I have found is what I use for my car. Toyota red antifrezze and water and with a mix of royal purple: purple ice. So it's 10%/70%/20%.
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