I have building a home made water cooler for my two cluster sawtooths.

Some might remember from a older thread that I was building a two node cluster server from two sawtooths. I got boths systems up and running but now im going to cram them into one case and add water cooling. I'm going to build the case from scratch and also going to build a water cooler from scratch.

Anyway from my boredem I found some copper tubing laying around in the garage (left over from my new A/C unit.) I have made a spring coiled raiditor out of it. I'm going to make another one so each CPU will have a raiditor.

Heres how I made the raiditor. Took a empty can of WD-40 and spun the copper tubing around it. After that I pushed it down so there was a quarter inch gap between each tube.
After I was done with that I took two 80mm fans and mounted them on each side to pull heat from it. In all the raiditor is 6inches long and has 12 passes. Should be more then enough for cooling a CPU and GPU.

I might just use one for cooling the CPUs and have the other used for the harddrives.


I have built a little nice hard drive cooler from some copper tubing. Not as simple then the raiditor build but it's easy. To make it though you wouldn't want to do this with your current/good harddrive. You will find out in a minute.

Tools used:
Small hammer
Old harddrive

Copper tubing

Take the copper tubing and bend about a inch and a half for the hose connection. Then take the harddrive and make the tubing and follow the right bottom side of the harddrive.
When you get to the end bend it up to the top and lay the tubing so it goes diangle to the top left side. Take the small hammer and ever so gently tap the copper tubing into place and so the tubing can contore to the drive. After that lay the tubing to the bottom left of the drive and when you get to the end make a horse shoe like shape and make it go to the center of the drive. After that make the other hose connection end but make it so you have enough room for the IDE and Power connections. Once again take the hammer to it and tap it into place. When you're done you should beable to pull out the drive and hook it up. Might be better if you fliped the cooler upside down so the horse shoe shape sits on top of the drive.


More to come on this mod. I will be working on the water tank next and save the pump for last.
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