is it possible to change the title tag of the page to give the subject of the post *before* the "The MacMinute Cafe:" string. I usually browse with all the posts open at once, finish reading/responding, and move on to whatever site I visit next. I mean, not that it really should be changed just for my surfing habits, but maybe others have a similar m.o. <br><br>Ok, so this is mostly a problem because I use [censored (=windows)] , so maybe it's intentional (insert shifty eyes here). If you're wondering what I'm talking about, here's a screen shot of me surfing with the 5 remaining threads that I haven't finished dealing with yet:<br><br><br><br>yeah yeah yeah, so I only have one folder for my mac-related sites and don't need any more complexity. don't get the panties in a bunch, k? Also, the screenie is kinda large (122KB). The part I'm focusing on is the bottom "task bar" section.<br><br>neye<br><br>