If you live near a millitary base you can get a lot of parts dirt cheap. Most bases have what they call DRMO. it's some times a off site warehouse that they sell damaged/old office stuff and stuff they can't pawn off to amry navy surplus stores. Of check once in a while in dumspters near call centers.

My frist mod wasn't really a mod. Bought two junk computers for 25 bucks each at the DRMO and built one system out of them. This ofcorse was back when intel 386 and 486 systems were common. I built a 386 that had the Am386 DX at 40MHz with a whopping 16MB or ram. At the time people were thinking I was nuts because most highend systems then had 8MB of ram. Kinda like back when most systems had 512MB of ram and people thought you were god when you had 1GB lol.

Anyway my frist real mod (as in what most people havn't done) was cramed a PC into a VCR case. After thinking about it that was 8 years ago.
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