I have a G5 DP 1.8 late 2003, with 2.5BG Ram, ATI 9800xtPro Special, Decklink Extreme Video Capture Card, Atto Express Dual SCSI Adaptor & an external enclosure with 2 raided seagate 73GB U320. with a sole use that is video editing.

I need to expand this workspace! My main concern is that Apple provides conflicted information on my powermac's motherboard support of PCI or PCIx... it has been said that if I have 8 memory slots then it definitely is a PCI-X one! still I am not sure!!!

I have to combine or choose one of the following... and each is a separate question here:

- to add an internal HDD of 400 or 500 GB... what would be the best option you'd recommend?
- to expand my SCSI workspace by adding - and raiding - two new SCSI U320 drives of 146GB each at least... would I need to get a certain Seagate model or can I raid 2 different SCSI U320 driives to the 2 Seagates I already have!! Please advice...
- to add a LaCie PCI-X raid SATA solution of 1 TB or 1.25 TB... these are the TwoBig & the S2S... but I need to make sure whether I have PCI-X or only PCI... how to really make sure of that???

I purchased this system in May 2004, so I guess this emans that it is not one of the infamous July 2004 DP 1,8???!!!!

All advice will be HIGHLY APPRECIATED!