Hello All,

Does anyone know where I can find the cable pinout (logic board side) for the LVDS video cable on a DVI Tibook? I've been searching around but I can't find it. All of the electronic service manuals I've seen had pinouts and such but not this one - just troubleshooting advice.

I broke the hinge on my 1Ghz pbook a while back and shorted the built-in display's output to the chasis borking it good. Thankfully, the external display o/p still works, as does the beautiful LCD.

I've been using it as a server but I would like to put the LCD to use as a remote picture frame. The project should be pretty easy - Take the LCD and put it in a nice wood or plexiglass frame, buy a new LVDS cable ($20 eBay) and then fabricate a connector from the LVDS to a DVI cable and run it through the wall to my basement where my broken (but not defeated) pbook lies.

I could control the whole thing via VNC and display all sorts of things - weather, photos, scanned art books, funny slashdot posts ...

Just need that damn pinout!