OK, so I have enough of my Xserve case to finally start building it. The top half of the case is genuine Apple original, the bottom half I have just acquired, and is a simple open-ended stainless steel tray. The back end where the ports go is not a problem to fabricate, nor is the runner system (its such a good fit). That leaves the front bezel. Still haven't decided whether to make one or buy one. They cost a bundle though for what they actaully do.

My current problem is that the bottom case is bare steel. Obvisouly bolting PCBs to bare metal is not a great idea, so I need to insulate most of it before installing parts. The insulation must not allow for any build up of static, or it will be worse than mounting on bare metal. The Apple case has a layer of such a material. Anybody know what it is? Or more importantly, where I can get some?