Well, for those that are wondering why i am asking this, i am hoping to put a G5 PSU in a Quicksilver like so....

(pic curtasy of xlr8yourmac)

I am hoping to boost the voltage quite a bit and have it boot with ADC capabilities along with full firewire voltage support. The only thing i am wondering is if the G5 PSU is too long or too wide. I hope it isn't. If i can just snug it up there, then us G4 users won't have to worry about power problems anymore while using more that the original G4 PSU's can handle. Right now i have a modded 450W in my Sawtooth from the original 237W that it came with. Now running all USB perifials, an updated modded video card, 3 hard drives and a high end dvd burner, my machine doesn't choke. Now if i had the original PSU in, i would have power problems left right and center. This is why i'm asking.