Hello, I've once again came back. I've been out of town for a while and been resting for a week.

Anyway, I have found a cheap easy way to paint a case (Metal) to look like it was used with a spray gun from a compresser. Engine block paint! I rebuilt my little rally racer a while back and painted the engine block blue. I noticed it came out all smooth and shinny. Today I painted a old PC case with the same paint and it came out fantastic. I'm planning to use this for all of my metal painting needs. I'm still how ever looking into a easy way for plastic. I hate sanding and primer (makes the smoothness faint.)

Also on further discovery I found a neat little trick to make some of the older apple cases clear. This is also found in most autopart stores. Intake valve cleaner. It's a ruff cleaner that will take the paint right off with out sanding. Just one minor problem. It can eat the plastic if you're not careful.
Just squirt then let it sit for a minute or two then whipe off. Use a clean rag on each whipe or the paint will smeere and will cause you to use more cleaner that will end up eating the plastic.

Sometime next week I'll start this stuff on my sawtooth case. I find it neat you can use car stuff on a computer for modding lol.
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