Someone wants to sell me an 12inch iBook G4 for $250...
here's the issue:

It runs fine so long as no intensive tasks are run, then it freezes.
They also claim that while the Airport card is recognised, they have issues finding wireless networks.

He mentioned once booting to an Open Firmware screen claiming an illegal memory operation.

Well, the Airport is a no-brainer. It's likely a damaged antenna or connection to the antenna.

However, the freezing is another issue. That could be anything, and, iirc, the logic boards in the iBook G4s are often defective. If it's a cache issue, I could always disable that until I find a new logic board... if it's the onboard RAM, I could solder new chips on. THat would be fairly inexpensive and maybe a morning's work.

Is it worth $250 do ya think?
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