Eventually, I want it completely upgraded. It would be cool if I could get the now defunct G3/1GHz, but they're super rare and super expensive. I would like that to be an eventual goal. If not, I'll get the G4

I just sold my Powerlogix 900 do not wast your time and money .they over heat ,lock up , and are not compatible with alot of new software and perform worse than my fastmac G4 550mhz that actually rarely reaches 41c in temp wich is less than the original G3 500 I replaced .I have completely Hotrodded my pismo you can see specs in another thread and you will be much happier with the fastmac as they do not overclock a G4 500 as the other manufacturers do and I sell upgrades from three of the mac upgrade companies and am telling you this without offering to sell you anything so you can trust me on this.but if you need any free technical advice write me at [url=mailto:veryfastmac@gmail.com]mailto:veryfastmac@gmail.com[/url]