It's been a while but I want to share on a mod i've been working on. I have came across some sawtooth parts. Enough to build a whole system but with no case. Heres the sepcs.

G4 450MHz
16MB vRam ATI Rage
20GB Hard Drive
16x DVD Drive

My mod is to build a custom case and house two sawtooths in it. Since I own the caseless one and another one that is a complete system I'm going to build a mini beowulf cluster. Heres the specs for my other sawtooth.

1.25GB RAM
120GB Hard drive
Pioneer super drive
Zip 100
Jaz tape drive.

The plan on having both systems in one case will be simple. It will be the same size in height but twice the width of a standard case. Each side panel will be access able to each system. Since the case will be custom built by your's trully I can add water cooling. I've found a lot of info on building a home made water cooling system as well so I can build a nice water tank for it out of plexi glass or metal. Also I have a lot of extra silicon vacuum hoses left over from my corolla engine rebuild so i'll have plenty of hoses to go about the case for the CPUs, HDs, and Video cards. The pump can be easy done with a fish tank pump with a little moding. Also to complete the water cooler I have a extra oil cooler from my car project that will work perfect for a raiditor. Who says you can't use car parts for a computer lol. Just now thinking of this I may have to make the case a full tower to beable to house all of the water cooling gear. Thing is i'll have to have two pumps. One to pump water from the tank to get things moving and one for the raiditor to keep it flowing nicely. Maybe three in all, two for the tank to pump water to each system and one for the raiditor. This will be a trial and error test.

Also i'm planing to add a small RAID to the server for file server use and backing up files. Also a 5Port USB 2.0 card for all of my USB devices. The server will run Mac OS X Tiger for sure. I might try out Pooch for this or just build the cluster part from source that most people use for BSD and Linux. I'll keep up with the updates and I go along. Wish me luck.
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